How to get from Madeira airport to Funchal


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While the transport options in Madeira are not always amazing, getting from Madeira International Airport Cristiano Ronaldo to the city center of Funchal is luckily not too complicated.

The drive takes about 20 minutes point-to-point, so if all goes smoothly, you can be checked into your hotel in Funchal in no time. Your main options are the Aerobus service or a taxi.

Option 1: Aerobus

Taking the airport shuttle bus can actually be quite a nice option!

Almost all the current top search results for how to get from Madeira airport to Funchal are guides written by taxi companies, which predictably nudge you towards taking a taxi. They state things such as “it can take up 3 hours to wait for a bus”, which is technically true sometimes, but it’s also worded in such a way to scare you away from considering the bus at all.

Check the timetable (click the tab Airport / Praia Formosa) to see if it matches your arrival. If it does, it’s a cheap and quick option. However, note that there are very few Aerobus services in the evenings, and there may be gaps at other times.

It costs €6 one way and the trip takes about 30 minutes.

There are large luggage racks on board, so it’s easy to store your suitcases or backpacks.

If you are staying in the centre of Funchal, you’ll have to get off at either the stop Mercado or the next stop after (Avenida do Mar a.k.a. Marina), depending on where your hotel is. The bus then also stops in about a dozen places in Lido, which is the modern hotel district where some of the larger resort hotels are located.

The majority of Funchal hotels should be within a 10-minute walking range from these Aerobus stops. However, if you are in a far-flung hotel or maybe an Airbnb outside the centre then that will make the bus much less convenient.

The Aerobus departs from right outside the terminal exit. You can’t miss it.

Option 2: Taxi

If it’ll be a long wait for the Aerobus or you arrive in the evening then a taxi is likely your best bet. You will instantly recognize the official taxis for their bright canary-yellow colour.

Getting to Funchal costs around €30 when metered and the trip takes about 20 minutes.

Each piece of luggage carries an extra charge of €1.50.

In case you’re wondering, there is no Uber in Madeira. The ride-hailing app Bolt does exist, but there are very few drivers on it, so you may have to wait a long time. Taxis are usually the way to go in Madeira.

The taxi rank is outside the terminal building, on your left-hand side upon exiting the building.

There’s also the possibility of pre-booking a private airport transfer, which may be interesting if you’re travelling in a group or want to remove any potential stress. You also get to pay one flat fee instead of being charged extra for luggage or relying on a meter.

Option 3: Regular public bus

Several regular public buses also stop by the airport. You can check the schedules for lines 113, 113RS, 20, 208, 53, and 78 operated by the company SAM which go to Funchal and various other places. Among these options, bus 113 is the most frequent (click the second tab here for the times).

These services are slower than the Aerobus because they stop everywhere, so they can take up to 50 minutes. They also don’t have luggage racks. The normal buses are not an ideal option for rapid transport from the airport to Funchal and are more useful for locals needing to get to specific places.

A one-way ticket costs €3.

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