2 Incredible driving routes for Madeira (with maps)

With its towering mountain peaks, lush forests, epic viewpoints, and numerous small sights, Madeira is absolutely made for a road trip. Here, ...

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One week in Madeira: a 7-day road tripping itinerary

With at least 7 days in Madeira, you’ll be able to enjoy a varied trip and explore all the different corners of ...

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3 Days in Maderia itinerary (using tours or self-driving)

Are three days enough to see Madeira? To be honest: not even close, as there is so much to see and do! ...


1 Day in Madeira itinerary (tips for a stopover)

With just one day in Madeira, you won’t exactly be spoiled for time. But since some visit Madeira on a stopover, including ...