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2 Incredible driving routes for Madeira (with maps)

With its towering mountain peaks, lush forests, epic viewpoints, and numerous small sights, Madeira is absolutely made for a road trip. Here, ...

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Do you really need a car in Madeira?

One of the most asked questions about Madeira is whether you need a car to explore it. The answer is yes and ...

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How long does it take to drive around Madeira?

Madeira is not a large island, but the driving times can be longer than you might expect due to the mountainous terrain ...

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Driving in Madeira: How difficult are the roads?

On my first visit to Madeira, I had planned to explore the island of Madeira by self-driving. But then… I heard some ...

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Renting a car in Madeira: everything you need to know

With so many stunning landscapes, scenic drives, and picturesque villages, Madeira is an ideal destination to explore by car. It is also ...

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One week in Madeira: a 7-day road tripping itinerary

With at least 7 days in Madeira, you’ll be able to enjoy a varied trip and explore all the different corners of ...

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